This song dates back to one of the early iterations of cathartic, Jamie Macdonald (Drummer), Aaron Pocock (Lee guitarist), and myself (keyboards) were jamming.

While we were playing one of my brothers called, he was in Gladstone in Queensland and had relocated to get away from his ex-wife, while he was on the phone, Jamie was playing a train groove on the snare drum and, my brother was complaining about how long the cold trains took to go through the level crossing after 15 minutes of my listening to my brother complain about his ex-wife and coal trains, and sitting in the middle of nowhere, wasting his life I hung up. 

I walked back into the studio and sung the first two verses and the chorus without writing anything down, it just came out in the stream of consciousness. It’s not really a typical Karthartic style song, but it is a real team effort, and for that I very much enjoyed it.