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    Peter Fitzgerald is a songwriter/record producer having toured extensively with bands, has moved into the studio to concentrate on songwriting and producing new artists.  Like most songwriters there is an overflow of songs to do not quite fit with any of the acts currently in the BlueCrystal Music roster, so I like to cherry pick my favourite songs and release them as singles which goes to explain the fact that they are of quite a diverse style and don’t really match up.

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  • Albums

    Releases will be added as they become available.  Adding music to an streaming service or on-line store is dependant on a wide range of factors and time it takes for them to become available tends to vary between digital services.  Here is an estimate based on recent deliveries:

    3-7 days: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play
    1-2 weeks: Tidal, Nokia, Beatport, 7Digital,
    3-4 weeks: Rhapsody, eMusic, Vidzone,