• Orang-Ka-Tang Gets Distorted

  • After 22 years and three 3 releases Orang-ka-tang's unique brand distorted and aggressive of Zoo house music has become a recognisable style all it own. Orang-ka-tang's lust for musical excitement is evidentin the shrieks, endless energy, the misical avalance of chaos and energy is endless Orang-ka-tang's music makes you feel like you need to to run, dance right now just to burn off the energy.

    With his lates release "Bananas" Orang-ka-tang has shown that he has grown into his his dream to be the only orang-utan with his own "ZOOHouse" music played at clubs worldwide. 

    Orang-ka-tang's new single "Distort your reality" will be out soon.


    Bananas by Orang-Ka-Tang