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  • OK by Karthartic

    OK by Karthartic shows more of the pop side of the band, while still retaining the prog heritage, it sounds like Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Radiohead meets a The Eagles. Karthartic wants to make music that we think is good, you might like it too.

    This is an album many years in the making, founding members Peter and Aaron were introduced in 2004, and after a few jams the idea of Karthartic was born.  As can often happen with bands when starting a new idea, it seemed so simple from a distance but got a little more involved and time consuming the closer we got.

    Karthartic is

    • Peter FitzGerald (Keys, Producer, Engineer, Programming, Guitar, Harmony vocals),
    • Aaron Pocock (Lead Guitar, Harmony vocals)
    • Ben Koitka (Bass, Harmony vocals),
    • James MacDonald (Drums)
    • Trevor Hardinge (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)

    Additional parts by

    • Luke Weston (Sax)
    • Alanna Wilson-Duff (Spoken French on Blue Eyes)
  • Tracklist

    01. Dangerous (5am), - 00:22

    02. Blue Eyes - 00:22

    03. She Laid Her Hands - 00:22

    04. Wasted - 00:22

    Released: March 11th, 2018