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    Karthartic’s music is described as atmospheric blend of modern pop rock (Coldplay) meets 70’s Pink Floyd with a little Depeche Mode and a heavy serving of melody and soul. Some track run in the vain of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Gazpacho, Marillon, Roger Waters with others having elements of Peter Gabriel, The Verve, Talking Heads, however we like to think that we're not your normal band, we hope to create art as much as music.

    Founding members Aaron and Peter were introduced one summer evening at a BBQ and while the party was warming up, a few guitars were found, and some drinks was downed and that jam became a turning point for both, as the night went on it seemed like the pair had been playing together for years not moments. That first meeting was so encouraging that it demanded more at the first writing session a few days later the song shine was created, and as further songs developed, idea of Karthartic was born, songs that heal.

    As can often happen what originally started out, just as a song writing project became larger as other people were attracted to the nucleus. First Aaron found Jamie through a newspaper advertisement; and then Ben who was playing in another band with James at the time; and finally Trevor who had met Ben's brother at an instrument-making program. Karthartic is currently working on their first full-length album.