• Bananas

  • Bananas by Orang-Ka-Tang

    Bananas by Orang-Ka-Tang shows a band fusing modern industrial dance influences with 80s keyboard sounds all being driven by a blender of sexual excitement.   Bananas is full of dance tracks being driven by sexual tension and adrenaline. 
    Bananas by Orang-Ka-Tang has got a totally edgy electronic sound and energetic sound, a should be the album that puts Orang-Ka-Tang on the map, a solid effort from start to finish.

  • Tracklist

    01. Crack that Whip - 4:10
    02. Bang On My Drum - 3:22
    03. Live For The Moment - 4:00
    04. Just My kind - 2:56

    Released: Feb 2nd, 2018