Beatroot O’Malley

Beatroot O'Malley

Beatroot O’Malley is a Celtic styled pub band that leans ”ä little” towards the alcoholically excessive side of Celtic music. Their style is typically rough and ready and generally manifests itself in sing-along choruses and feisty lyrics about drink, rebellion, lovely lasses and hangovers.

Take a listen to the big shout-along chorus and with violin that recalls the Celtic folk tradition, while the guitar and bass add enough burliness to cut through the din of a sweaty rock pub or a crowded local tavern. It has been said that Beatroot O’Malley formed during an impromptu AA meeting in the men’s toilet O’Reillys Pub in Templebar Dublin. But O’Reillys is not what you might call a fun night out, so we doubt the truth of this story.

I fact it has been said that O’Reillys Pub is famed for having food was so poor that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. “

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