60 Miles From Darwin

Aaron Pocock and I were playing in the studio one day, and the way he was playing with so much space made my mind wander back many years to a band I had toured with. It was part of an extensive Australian tour, and we were driving from Townsville to Darwin in February, and only three people in the car had drivers licenses, (one of them being myself).

I remember coming down the escarpment from Katherine into Darwin very early in the morning. The sun coming up, and I was doing my best to stay awake while most of the other people in the car we’re still sleeping. The painted lines were going past, and I had the window open with the heat and the radio blaring in an effort to stay awake. Parts of central Australia are beautiful, desolate but beautiful and until you’ve been there. It’s really quite difficult to understand the true meaning of the word empty, or just how far the distances are between major towns.

PS, the reason it’s 60 miles from Darwin is that 260 km did not rhyme.