• BlueCrystal Music was started to provide an outlet for all the music that was recorded in our recording studio.  We are shameless, passionate music fans, ardent champions of our artists, and work diligently to deliver for them, every day. 

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  • Karthartic Release

    Karthartic Release

    If you've never heard of Karthartic, our music is described as atmospheric blend of modern U2 meets 70’s Pink Floyd with a heavy serving of melody and soul. Our sound runs in the vain of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Gazpacho, Marillon, Roger Waters with elements of Peter Gabriel, The Verve, Talking Heads, however we like to think that we're not your normal band, we hope to create art as much [...]

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    Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese

    Fondue you not understand?  Even the most lactose-intolerant will enjoy The Fondue Cowboys part drama/ part comedy/ part musical concept album.  From the sarcastic Mr Happy to the sexualy perverse dinamic duo Garlic Bread and Stalker The Fondue Cowboys will make you tap your toes and smile.

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    First Clarence Kingston release

    Only Human is the first single from Clarence Kingston and the Royals, who’s unique style of not quite reggae, not quite pop, not quite ska; blurs the musical lines apart to create their own style of offbeat reggae influenced pop music. The trombone driven tune is taken to Ska town by Alfonso Pineda and the Venezuela horns who put the riff right in your face for a dancing good time. [...]

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